Private Lessons Registration + Payment


All new students must complete a Registration Form before starting lessons. If you haven't already talked with someone, we will contact you soon after receiving your form.

You may also email us or call to get started: | 347-709-7722


Do not make any payments until you have been scheduled with a teacher.

Our current prices are:
$55/30 minutes
$78/45 minutes
$100/60 minutes
After 60 minutes, each additional 15 minutes is $20 

Buy 15 lessons at a time and recitals are FREE!

Siblings with back-to-back lessons are charged by time, not by each lesson. So two 30-minute lessons with the same teacher will cost $100 total (as opposed to $110).

Teachers confirm the number of lessons at the beginning of each month, and a monthly invoice is sent to you (payable by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer). If a lesson is cancelled or added, the difference is made up in the following month. If you’d prefer, you may give us your credit card information and we will bill you each month after confirmation from your teacher.

We are happy to discuss other payment options and schedules. Everything must be agreed upon by your teacher.

To learn more about payments, cancellations, and recitals, either read the registration form above or go to our POLICIES page.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask: | 347-709-7722