Spring Recitals

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Register for the recitals by clicking on the pictures below.

You should only register for one performance per child, and only for a time where your teacher is listed (unless you've already spoken with me). If none of the options work with your schedule, or if your desired time is already sold out, please email me immediately: info@playmusicnyc.com

All performers should arrive 30 min before their performance time to warm up and get comfortable.

All times are subject to slight change.

If you are registering siblings, use code "SIBS" at checkout to receive 25% off. 



244 West 54th St
Nearby trains: A, C, E, 1, N, Q, R, W, B, D

There will be treats and refreshments for everyone, and prizes and certificates for our wonderful performers!

For FAQs, information on how to deal with nerves, and other general information about recitals, please go to our RECITALS page.



Videos are "unlisted" on youtube. That means that you can share the link with whomever you'd like, but the video will not be searchable by random people.

JUNE 8 11am

Lara | Sahana | Thales | Krish | Anthony | Tayler | Henry | Tobin | Damini | Julia | Isabella | Laurian | Madeleine | Logan | Samantha | Caylin

JUNE 16 11am

Baobao | Suli | Sienna | Joshua | Brielle | Daisy | Ava | Serena | Nadia | Castille | Rose | Enrico & Matteo | Vidya | Ian | Vaibhav


Photos are available on Facebook (great for sharing) and Flickr (better quality).

JUNE 8: FacebookFlickr

JUNE 16: FlickrFacebook